• Jul 26 1941 FNml Norman Rockwell - She Loves She Loves Me Not
    inside: coke ad bc $40.00

  • Aug 2 1941 FNml Army Bugler (illustrated cover by Ski Weld) $40.00

  • Feb 27 1943 FN illustrated cvr: by Howard Scott - Barber and Boy Engrossed in scifi comic.
    inside: Atlantic City "Camp Boardwalk"/Hitler/Norman Rockwell #2 of a Series Depicting the four freedoms for which we Fight...."Each According To the Dictates of His Own Conscience (small tear)lots of war ads $40.00


  • Nov 1 1952 FNml Children and father carrying pumpkins in farm field (John Falter)
    inside: ad for Dell Comics $25.00

  • Nov 15 1952 VGml Boy taking a bath, dirty from playing football (J. Alymer)
    insdie: Chris Craft ad 1pg/ a life insurance ad featuring work of Norman Rockwell 1pg $25.00

  • Nov 22 1952 FNml Little Boy going through guests purses (Stevan Dohanos) $25.00

  • November 29 1952 SOLD. Young boy emulating muscle man (by Hughes) (a little edge wear)
    inside: Back cover Santa Claus Coca Cola ad, small tear doesnt cross into the color illustration 1pg/ Herb Shriner / Parachute tester WO Victor James.

  • Dec 6 1952 FNml Shoppers in a department store (John Falter)
    inside: Mike Moretti killings/ Elliot and Ruth Handler (later to be very famous for bringing Barbie into the world) $30.00

  • December 13 1952 VGml Christmas shoppers gathered at a bus stop (Stevan Dohanos)
    inside: Chicago police officer Mike Moretti - murders/ Col. Francis Gabreski. $25.00

  • Dec 20 1952 FNml (black mark, printing ink smear) Kids converging on the dessert table, mom looking horrified (Dick Sargent)
    inside: Skid Row/ more on Mike Moretti / Life Insurance ad 1pg, illustration by Norman Rockwell. $25.00

  • January 10 1953 FNml Charming painting of children making snow angels after school. Painting by John Falter. (some foxing on cover and small tear)
    inside: Baseball's Robin Roberts of Phillies/ Whitman's ad with Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour and Bob Hope "On the road" movie, color / car ads / full color back cover Camels ad with Alan Ladd / full color Dell comic ad with Woody Woodpecker, Howdy Doody, Porky Pigg, Space Cadet, Little Lulu, Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers, Peter Pan, Donald Duck, Tom and Jerry, Lassie, and several other western characters that I'm not familiar with (there's 5 in all of which I have identied 2)/ 2 page full color Good Year ad featuring 42 cars -- from 1915 to 1952 all different types, very nice/ 4 page General Electric ad, 16 different ads in all - 75 year anniversary. $30.00

  • January 17 1953 FNml Bust of Benjamin Franklin. painting by Atherton
    inside: Robert T. Bryan Jr / Canada's department of Natural resources for Saskatchewan Walter Kenneth Riese / Les Paul and wife Mary /full page color ad for Great Northern Railway - Gorgeous large logo on ad 1pg / full page color ad of Tyrone Power in The Mississippi Gambler 1pg/ Terry and the Pirates ad for Canada Dry Gingerale color 1pg/ I've counted nine clips in this issue, it does affect ads and photos, what I have listed here is NOT affected by these clips. $30.00

  • February 7 1953 VGml Baby in highchair, parents at arms length away at the table have a "quiet" dinner - artist Jack Welch
    inside: George I. Bell on Nevado Salcantay / Whitman's candy ad with Elizabeth Taylor/ Chuck Davey / 1pg Zenith "Crest" radio ad / TV in Hollywood - pic of I Love Lucy show in production - Lucille Ball and cast in front of the cameras/ Boy Scouts with disabilities. $30.00

  • February 28 1953 FNml Home-ec teacher taste tasting a student's cooking. painting by Alajalov
    inside: Joseph Stalin / Philip Musica aka F. Donald Coster / Bing Crosby (part 3 of 8) / Baseball spring training, Billy Martin / Gibsonton "Gibtown" - 90% of population are associated with carnivals "carneys" -- every shape and size, freaks show / New York Museum of Natural History (part 1 of 2)/ $30.00

  • March 7 1953 FNml Couple looking at apartment, their red headed boy looking out the window sizing things up and the landlord watching the boy and spying his slingshot. painting by Sargent.
    Inside: Bing Crosby (part 4 of 8) / New York Museum of Natual History (part 2 of 2) / Full page color Camel cigarette ad with Tyrone Power / nice car ads/ Kwame Nkrumah/ How to teach your kids to like music/ Baseball "Managing isn't so Tough!" - Eddie Stanky of the St. Louis Cardinals / CD 6B Douglas aircraft ad full color 1pg. $30.00

  • August 8 1953 VGml Couple on beach being disturbed by family with kids. Couple on beach blanket with cool black radio. Painting by George Fate Hughes
    inside: Judge Kaufman - the Rosenberg case / Young Captain Hornblower (part 3 of 8) by C.S. Forester / George Stevens - The Man Who made the Hit Called "Shane". $25.00

  • Dec 27 1952 FNml Family decorating tree (Dohanos)
    inside: Lt Comdr Franklin Metzner USN/ Manhattan's "21" / Blind child. $25.00

  • July 11 1953 FNml New York's Central Park (John Falter)
    inside:The use of mules in the US Army.$25.00

  • Apr 23 1955 VG+ml Dodgers Game - Bushed Fan (Earle Mayan illust)
    inside: Bob Grim (New York yankees ) $50.00

  • Nov 5 1955 SOLD. Arthur Godfrey
    inside: The House of Rothschild/ Leo Irby - Escape artist/ lots of car ads.

  • Apr 7 1956 FNml Toll Delay - St. Bernard
    inside: golf - Doctor Cary Middlecoff $25.00


  • May 25 1963 VGml (library stamp on cvr) Nasser by Norman Rockwell
    inside: first 12pgs and cvr sustained a tear, rest of magazine is fine./ Melina Mecouri / Baseball's Stan Musial/ Chrysler's Turbine Car. $15.00

  • June 8 1963 VGml (library stamp on cvr) Fidel Castro - Cuba
    inside: Princess Grace of Monaco (Grace Kelly) / Pitcher Richard (Dick) Farrell / District Attorney Jim Garrison. $15.00

  • June 22 1963 VGml (library stamp on cvr) Honeymooners at a ranch.
    inside: Sandra Dee / Willie Mays / Ian Fleming/ Nelson Rockefeller / X-15 and Joe Walker/ Helen Klaben and Ralph Flores / Tito. $15.00

  • Aug 10 1963 VGml Yevgeny Yevtushenko
    inside: The Mafia: the inside story by Peter Maas, and "What it means" by Robert F. Kennedy/ piece written by Jackie Robinson "The GOP: for white men only?" / Stirling Moss/ Boxcar to the West by John Keats/ Christina Paolozzi/ US Zoos. $18.00

  • Oct 26 1963 sold. Russian Circus
    inside: Lillian Reis/ Jacqueline Kennedy redecorates the White House/ Pittsburgh Steeler John Henry Jackson.

  • Nov 9 1963 VGml (library stamp on cvr) Bob Hope
    inside: Janis Page / Crime in America - Part 4, The Mob in Chicago. $15.00

  • November 23 1963 VGml (library stamp on cvr) Charles De Gaulle
    inside: Romy Schneider / Joe Valachi / The Cleveland Browns / A Quentin Reynolds ad for quitting smoking. $15.00

  • Nov 30 1963 Gml (library stamp on cvr) (tear in cvr) Shirley Maclaine
    inside: The Vaiont Dam Disaster $15.00


  • Feb 29 1964 VGml (library stamp on cvr) Maiden in Ulithi in ceremonial dance
    inside: Claudia Cardinale/ Harlem $15.00

  • Mar 14 1964 VGml (library stamp on cvr) Sunbathers
    inside: Barry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller / Richard Honeck/ Lew Alcindor / Burlesque theatre / Byron de la Beckwith. $15.00

  • April 25 1964 FNml Woman waterskiing - boating summer
    inside: Playwright Muriel Resnik - pics of Gene Hackman, Sandy Dennis and Michael Rennie/ center 2 page ad Win a Norman Rockwell oil portrait of your own family (wow!)/ General Electric ad over 2pgs featuring Walt Disney/ Charles Schultz / Tino De Angelis. $25.00

  • August 8 1964 VG+ml The Beatles in suits, ties, bowler hats and umbrellas (small tear in cvr)
    inside: Barry Goldwater / Julia Child/ Gene Mauch / Bob Miller. $30.00

  • Dec 12 1964 VGml (library stamp on cvr) Johnny Unitas of the Colts
    inside: Mattel's Barbie (the doll) / Lyndon B. Johnson/ Underwater Treasure hunters/ Western Europe - revisiting the scars of battle from WW2/ John F. Kennedy remembrance ad from John Hancock Life Insurance. $18.00


  • Jan 16 1965 VGml (library stamp on cvr) Jack Lemmon
    inside: Dr. Albert Hibbs / Henry Robinson Luce (TIME magazine). $15.00

  • Jan 30 1965 FN (library stamp on cvr) Ku Klux Klan member holding little kid, both in hooded dress.
    inside: Dwight D. Eisenhower/ Helen Gurley Brown. $25.00

  • Feb 13 1965 FN Valentines Day cover featuring fashion by Rudi Gernreich
    inside: Sammy Davis Jr. / nice coke ad inside / Peggy Moffitt pic / Japanese baseball. $25.00

  • Dec 16 1965 Gml (library stamp on cvr) Fischer Quintuplets. (tear in cvr).
    inside: Bill Korman / Model slot cars. $15.00


  • Apr 13 1966 VGml Sonny and Cher
    inside: Robert F. Kennedy / Jim Ryun / Hugh Hefner. $25.00

  • May 21 1966 VGml Drugs on Campus - students in dorm dancing ( LSD, etc)
    inside: The Mafia / Lauren Bacall / Momo Salvatore " Sam " Giancana / Robert MacNamara / Jose Torres. $25.00

  • Aug 27 1966 FNml The Beatles in Bull Fighters outfits
    inside: Nike X / The Mossler murder case/ David McCallum ad for US Savings Bonds with UNCLE theme/ Frank Robinson. $60.00

  • Sep 10 1966 FNml The Assassin (3part story by Derek Marlowe)
    inside: Candy Mossler and Melvin Lane Powers / Edward Brooke/ Mickey Mantle $18.00

  • Sep 24 1966 FNml chipping on edge of cover. The Quints at Three
    inside: University of Texas Football /disc jockey The Geator, Jerry Blavat/ Lyndon B. Johnson Part 1. $18.00

  • Oct 8 1966 FNml Air Pollution
    inside: Lyndon B. Johnson Part 2/ Abortion debate/ Dodger catcher Mickey Owen/ Catskills. $15.00

  • Nov 5 1966 FNml Paratroopers Chay Byth and John Ridgway in the English Rose III - rowed across the Atlantic
    inside: F. Lee Bailey The Boston Strangler case / Witchcraft. $18.00

  • Nov 19 1966 VGml Mary Tyler Moore
    inside: Crib Deaths / Floyd Little /Russian Jews. $18.00

  • Dec 3 1966 VGml Elizabeth Taylor, 2 panel cover, pulls out to reveal Richard Burton
    inside: Joe Namath / Tom Wolfe / Vietnam prisoner of war Lt. j.g. Dieter Dengler $18.00

  • Dec 17 1966 VGmlpo Flying Saucer "Are flying Saucers Real?"
    inside: Otis Birch / Dallas Cowboys football - coach Tom Landry/ Billy Wilder/ Hawaii. $18.00

  • Dec 31 1966 sold. Love in America.


  • Jan 16 1967 FNml The Kennedy Assassination
    inside: Israel / Lew Alcindor / Steve McQueen. $18.00

  • Jan 28 1967 VG Sex Criminal
    inside: Vietnam/The Monkees - Mickey Dolenz, Peter Tork, Davy Jones and Michael Nesmith/ General Motors Electric cars. $18.00

  • February 11 1967 FNml Jackie Gleason
    inside: Senator Edward Kennedy on Crime / Barry Goldwater / Boxing manager Jack Hurley. $20.00

  • Mar 11 1967 VGml (library stamp on cvr) Jacqueline Kennedy
    inside: Skiing in New England/ Jesuits / Rick Barry. $18.00

  • May 6 1967 VGml John F. Kennedy / Oswell - A Plot to Kill Kennedy.
    Eddie Neloy / Julian Bond / feature on Sharon Tate. $30.00

  • May 20 1967 VGml Medicare - doctors
    inside: Adam Powell / Michael Caine. $18.00

  • June 7 1967 VGml Swimsuit model - swimsuit feature inside
    inside: John Hyams and Elke Sommers / Mario Andretti

  • June 17 1967 VGml Red Skelton
    inside: Why Children commit suicide / Betty Furness / F-111 aircraft / Chevrolet Camaro 1pg ad/ The Amish. $18.00

  • July 29 1967 VGml Young boy with red/green filtered glasses - reading aid
    inside: Florida's governor Claude Roy Kirk / Pitcher Juan Marichal / Cleveland Ghetto $15.00

  • Sep 9 1967 VGml The Quintuplets with butterfly nets
    inside: Red Sox pitcher Jim Lonborg / wildlife in America/ Big City Schools. $18.00

  • Sep 23 1967 FNml The Hippie Cult
    inside: The Smothers Brothers / Joe Frazier / The Rescurer - submarine Squalus, rescue by Momsen. $18.00

  • Nov 4 1967 VGml (library stamp on cvr) Russia
    inside: Espionage Organizations ie. CIA, MI6 / Gloria Stavors the editor of 16 Magazine/ Coach Duffy Daugherty. $18.00

  • Nov 18 1967 FNml (library stamp on cvr). The Mafia in New England
    inside: Raquel Welch (nice pictures!) / Doug Head/ West Point/ John Brodie QB for the S.F. 49ers. $20.00

  • Dec 16 1967 VGml (library stamp on cvr) Mathematician Paul C. Gilmore of IBM
    inside: Lee Radziwell / North Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh / Attorney General Ramsey Clark / Los Angeles Rams Merlin Olsen. $18.00

  • Dec 28 1968 SOLD. The art of Sister Corita
    inside: Johnny Unitas/ Mission Control flight controllers - Glynn Lunney, Will Presley, Phil Shaffer, John Llewellyn/ one page loose but intact affects Sister Corita.

  • Jan 25 1969 VG Barney Rosset and his "dirty books"
    inside: Lucky Luciano (by Arthur Miller) / President Richard Nixon/ center page is loose / Jules Dassin. $18.00


  • Spring 1972 FN Julie and David Eisenhower
    inside: Isaac Asimov "The Computer that Went On Strike" / Norman Rockwell / John Wayne / Kurt Vonnegut Jr "Who Am I This Time?" / Pearl Buck / Jazz / Billy Graham / Hugh Downs / Baneker School in Gary Indiana / Mark Van Doren $18.00

  • Apr 1975 G (library stamp on cvr) Spring in Town by Grant Wood
    inside: King Hussein and Queen Alia and family/ Nashville Country Music Stars: Anne Murray, Buck Owen, Barbara Mandrell, Lynn Anderson, Dolly Parton, Charly Pride, Dottie West, Merle Haggad, Tammy Wynette/ Lord Snowdon and his pictures. $18.00

  • September 1977 FNml Farrah Fawcett (illustrated cover).
    inside: Soap Operas - Days, General Hospital, Another World, Ryan's Hope/ David Hartman/ Henry Winkler. $40.00

  • Aug 1979 FN John Wayne $20.00


  • Nov 1981 FN James Garner
    inside: Ted Turner/Mary Martin (includes a picture of her with son Larry Hagman) /The Lie, a short story by Kurt Vonnegut Jr/Erma Bombeck/Don Meredith (football) plus bc ad/ article on cleaning up TV includes colour pics of Dukes of Hazzard, Dallas, and Dynasty/James Garner interview. $18.00

  • June 1982 FN Norman Rockwell illustrated cover - man fishing in boat in the rain
    inside: Tom Selleck. $18.00

  • Nov 1982 VG Linda Evans
    inside: Merlin Olsen / Pat Robertson PTL Club / article on Alcoholics Anonymous. $18.00.

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