Issues are $18.00 each unless otherwise stated


  • June 1978 VG Volume 1, Number 1 : Lucite Slipper on a Glacier. by Hiro (mark on cover)
    inside: H.H. Bennett/ Mary Ellen Mark "Ward 81" $25.00

  • Aug 1978 FN Provincetown Porch. By Joel Meyerowitz
    inside: Jessie Tarbox Beals

  • Sep 1978 VG Girl with beam of Light. by Eric Meola
    inside: Barbara Bordnick / Wolf von dem Bussche/ Walter Kowalski (the wrestler as photographer) includes pics of Chief Jay Strongbow and Little Heart, George "The Animal" Steele, Peter Maivia, "Superstar" Billy Graham.

  • Oct 1978 FN Paesaggio by Franco Fontana
    inside: Elliott Erwitt / Leslie Hamilton Wilson/ Joyce Baronio.

  • Nov 1978 FN Richard Avedon
    inside: pics of Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Hutton,Brigitte Bardot

  • Dec 1978 VG Jimmy Carter (photo by Annie Leibovitz )
    inside: article the Blackglama fur campaign ads, very good for collectors of these ads.

  • Jan 1979 SOLD. unidentified model
    inside: William Henry Fox Talbot / Robert Walker / Larry Dale Gordon / Norman Seeff

  • Feb 1979 SOLD. unidentified model - by Andrea Blanch
    inside: Stephen Shore / Dorothea Lange / New Faces '79 / Michelle Bogre.

  • March 1979 FN Soap Bubbles
    inside: Lotte Jacobi / Richard Kalvar / Walter Iooss Jr pics of Hawaii.

  • Apr 1979 VG Japanese Ballet Dancers. moisture damage to magazine cover and few pages inside.
    inside: Hiromi Tsuchida/ Shoji Ueda / Hugh Edwards

  • May 1979 sold. Anita Russell

  • June 1979 FN Jay Maisel
    inside: Kees van den Berg / Robert Frank / Alexey Brodovitch.

  • July 1979 FN Iranian woman
    inside: Francois Lochon / Iran / Bern Schwartz/ William Coupon/ Robert Farber.

  • Aug 1979 SOLD. Susan Blakely underwater - Douglas Kirkland photo
    inside: Karl Struss / Robert May/ feature on the work of Douglas Kirkland - Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, Farrah Fawcett (interesting story that goes along with the photo), Ann-Margret (really cool shot with fishlens), Brigitte Bardot, Jeanne Moreau, Katharine Ross, Raquel Welch, Barbara Carrera.

  • Sep 1979 FN model's legs
    inside: Jean Pagliuso / Randy Green / Walker Evans .

  • Oct 1979 FN John Leongard - picture editor for LIFE
    inside: Becky Young / Bishin Jumonji / John Vachon

  • Nov 1979 FN Cybernetic Photography
    inside: Ben Rose / Henri Cartier-Bresson/ Donald McCullin.

  • Dec 1979 FN Jane Hitchcock - pic by Hiro
    inside: Carl Siembab / Ty Hendrick.

  • Jan 1980 SOLD pic by Eric Staller
    inside: Solomon Butcher / Avery Crounse / Reid Miles/ article on photographing disasters by Kathryn Livingston.

  • Feb 1980 FN Ava Cherry's back - pic by Jim Matusik
    inside: New Faces 1980/ William A. Garnett / Olivia Parker / Edward Weston - nudes of Bertha Wardell

  • March 1980 FN Dime
    inside: Larry Gordon / Paul Outerbridge / Burk Uzzle / Peter Laytin/ Marion ost Wolcott.

  • April 1980 FN Janice Dickinson (co)
    inside: Afghanistan rebels

  • May 1980 FN Hania Jardin
    inside: Ian Miles / Vogue fashion photography / Eric Meola / Emilio Paccione.

  • June 1980 FN Surfer
    inside: John Thornton.

  • July 1980 FN Karen Bjornsen. pic by Arthur Elgort
    inside: the Arthur Elgort feature includes behind the scenes of various shoots including Christie Brinkley, Cecilia Rodhe, Roseanne Vela, Apollonia, Nina Fedarova, Lisa Taylor, Peggy Dillard, Lena Kansbod/ Joe Clark.

  • Aug 1980 FN Captain Edward Steichen on aircraft carrier
    inside: Lennart Nilsson / Larry Sultan/ a look at gay photography through history.

  • Sep 1980 FN Ingvild - the model in a parachute.
    inside: Irving Penn (nudes) / Raymond Depardon

  • Oct 1980 VG Tom Spalding's new Can-Am race car (slight stain on cover)
    inside: Walter Iooss Jr/ Harry Callahan / George Hoyningen-Huene / story behind the Maxell ad with the guy in the chair being blown away 1pg.

  • Nov 1980 FN The Lindy Hop - photo of Leon James and Willa Mae Ricker - swing dance
    inside: Gjon Milli / Robert Azzi / the story behind Pulitzer prize winning photo by Eddie Adams of Vietnamese police chief about the kill a Viet Cong Lieutenant 1pg, and there is a tear in the page.

  • Dec 1980 FN Janice Dickinson in a swimsuit (co)
    inside: Ansel Adams

  • January 1981 FN Models legs
    inside: Peter Beard / Jim Matusik / Benedykt Jerzy Dorys / article on the Emba Mink ads with celebrities like Larry Hagman, Vincent Price, Henry Winkler, Henry Fonda

  • Feb 1981 VG (staple stress) Marie Helene Bourgoignie
    inside: Max Yavno / David Bailey's wife Marie Helvin (nudity) / centerpage loose but intact.

  • March 1981 VG Gery Carranza
    inside: Susan Meiselas / Alen MacWeeney / J. Seeley / tidbit on Christie Brinkley as a photographer (nice pic of her at a boxing match).

  • April 1981 FN Sam Haskins - a model on paper
    inside: George Hurrel / Mary Ellen Mark.

  • May 1981 FN Model getting out of taxi cab (originally photo from Jordache pantyhose ad)
    inside: John Le Carre "Heart of Darkness" and Donald McCullin / John Gutmann / Kenda North nudes / Michel Tcherevkoff (centerpage is loose but it's fine).

  • June 1981 FN Surreal cover of the Chryler Building and the Empire State Building with an Amazon River waterfall and Sydney Harbor Bridge.
    inside: Louise Dahl-Wolfe, includes a nice color reprint of Lauren Bacall's Harper's Bazaar cover / T he Shooting of the Shooting of President Reagan .

  • Aug 1981 VG Stephanie Quinn
    inside: Bert Stern - includes lots of great pics: Buster Keaton, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Allegra Kent, Tony Curtis with Natalie Wood, Dian Parkinson, Iman / Wet Magazine and Leonard Koren.

  • Sep 1981 VG a Models bottom half atop a pillar - Grand Illusions
    inside: Joel Meyerowitz / Heribert Brehn/ Charlies Currier / Laurence Bach.

  • Oct 1981 FN Ralph Morse
    inside: Art Kane / Vodka ads from varous companies / Jack Welpott / J.R.R. Tolkien 1pg by Snowdon.

  • Nov 1981 cover is in G condition due to tear, insides are in fine condition Tony Edgeworth and model Karen O'Shea
    inside: Fernand Fonssagrives / Dream studio of Clint Clemens / Supermodel 2 page group picture featuring many of the top at the time including Gia Carangi, Carol Alt, Lisa Taylor, Iman, Jerry Hall, .. there's 66 in all.

  • Dec 1981 FN George Lois
    inside: Eliot Porter /Lois' Esquire cover shots / Bob Jackson/ Alexey Brodovitch / Chet Jezierski.

  • Feb 1982 FN Mark Sennet (People magazine) and Kenny Rogers
    inside: Erwin Blumenfeld / Mark Senet pictures of Sarah Miles, Paul Williams, Dudley Moore, Siegfried and Roy, Ed Asner, Jacqueline Bisset with Paul Newman/ New Faces 1982.

  • March 1982 SOLD OUT Nastassja Kinski and a python snake - famous picture taken by Richard Avedon. The front covers opens to reveal more of the picture. Very nice!
    inside: Ansel Adams / Art Kane/ Horst P. Horst / Maurice Evans covering President and Nancy Reagan / The Best of 1981

  • Apr 1982 sold. Sandahl Bergman
    inside: Bill Brandt / Roger Malloch / Clarence John Laughlin / Barry Levine - included are pictures of Cher (2pgs), Pam Dawber (2pgs), Jane Seymour (5 pictures), and Sandahl again.

  • May 1982 FN Harry Benson
    inside: Kipton Kumler/ Gertrude Kasebier / Jerry Takigawa

  • June 1982 FNml David and Anne Doubliet
    inside: Helmut Newton / Samuel Bourne / Winston Link and his pictures of life and trains.

  • July 1982 VG Lena Kansbod
    inside: Arthur Elgort.

  • Aug 1982 VG Annie's Sandy (dog)
    inside: slight moisture wave at back of magazine, one page out.

  • Sep 1982 FN Jay Maisel sorting through slides
    inside: Samuel Walker / Douglas Kirkland.

  • Oct 1982 FN Pete Turner
    inside: William Adams / Andy Hayt / Candies advertising / Sports Photography.

  • Nov 1982 FN Julie Wolfe in swimsuit (pic by Albert Watson)
    inside: Ansel Adams/ Roy Schatt pictures of James Dean / Robert Monroe.

  • Jan 1983 FN Collette Christie
    inside: Michel Tcherevkoff / Lucien Clergue / Walker Evans / Bill Burke / Superagent N. Newbury Hovde.

  • Feb 1983 G (foldline in cover) Self portrait by Henry Wolf "Element of Surprise"
    inside: Lord Snowdon / New Faces 1983 including Bonnie Schiffner and Dominique Isserman / Stephen Elston/ Henry Wolf.

  • April 1983 FN Slyvia Platt in redboxer face protector
    inside: Art Kane/ Bradford Washburn / Cecil Beaton's wartime pictures / Stanley Smith.

  • May 1983 VG Damselfly
    inside: John Shaw / Sarah Moon / 1pg on the revival of the magazine VANITY FAIR.

  • Jun 1983 VG (cvr loose) 5th Anniversary Issue: Who's Who in Photography

  • July 1983 VG Jerry Hall with Iman - photo by Norman Parkinson
    inside: Arthur Fellig aka Weegee the famous.

  • Aug 1983 SOLD. Babies
    inside: Elliott Erwitt in St Tropez/ Art Kane / Josef Schneider.

  • Sep 1983 FN Sailboats (this is a super issue for boat photography!)
    inside: Eric Schweikardt / Cindy Sherman / Allan Weitz

  • Oct 1983 FN Sports Photographers: Mark Kauffman, John G. Zimmerman, Neil Leifer
    inside: Robert Capa / Lisa Lyon by Robert Mapplethorpe, nudes.

  • Nov 1983 FN Emily Toshida
    inside: Galen Rowell / Hideki Fujii / Michael Geiger / Rogi Andre.

  • Jan 1984 FN Annie Leibovitz
    inside: excellent feature on Annie Leibovitz, lots of images from Rolling Stone.

  • Feb 1984 SOLD Paulina Porizkova - pull out cvr - Sports Illustrated - behind the scenes -
    inside: includes pics of Kim Alexis, Carol Alt, Paulina, interview w. Julie Campbell. (price blacked out at top of cvr)

  • Mar 1984 FN B1 Bomber
    inside: Co Rentmeester "War Toys"
    inside: Lee Friedlander.

  • Apr 1984 SOLD OUT.Body Builder Gladys Portugues
    inside: Sid Rapoport / Jim Sugar / Jim Richardson.

  • May 1984 FN Betty Biehn (pic by J. Frederick Smith)

  • Jun 1984 FN Cher

  • Jul 1984 Sold. Marilyn Monroe as Lillian Russell
    inside: awesome Richard Avedon feature on Marilyn Monroe as Jean Harlow, Theda Bera, Clara Bow.

  • Aug 1984 FN Jill Goodacre (co)
    inside: Sheila Metzner / Ireland - Bloody Sunday 1972 / Gilles Peress / Wayne Levin/ Charles Traub / Ralph Krubner.

  • Sep 1984 FN model nude with sparkle body paint - fashion photo by Uwe Ommer
    inside: Arthur d'Arazien / Dr. Harold Edgerton.

  • Oct 1984 FN Irving Penn - with analysis of his career by John Szarkoski.

  • Nov 1984 FN Paulina Porizkova

  • Dec 1984 FN (tiny bit of pen on cover) Bill Eppridge
    inside: John Kelly / LIFE magazine 1946 to 1955 2nd decade photojournalism / Debbie Dickinson

  • Jan 1985 FN Dave Parsons and Andi

  • Feb 1985 FN Model-Sam Jenkins
    inside: New Faces of 1985-Photographers

  • March 1985 VG Chris Callis
    inside: Jan Saudek / Burke Uzzle / Sheila Metzner

  • Apr 1985 VG Pompeo Posar and Playmate Sharon Smith
    inside: Playboy's Posar.

  • May 1985 FN model in red hat, covering face except red lips
    inside: Ben Fernandez / Onofrio Paccione.

  • June 1985 FN Flowers - pic by Michael Geiger
    inside: Tom Baril / Van Deren Coke

  • July 1985 FN Surfer - picture by Aaron Chang
    inside: Nancy Burson

  • Aug 1985 FN fashion model - unidentified.
    inside: tidbit on Garry Gross's pictures of Brooke Shields / Michael Hoppen / Carl Mydans

  • Sep 1985 FN Joan Severence
    inside: Mark Klett / Jim Nachtwey / Donal Holway - photographs Barbie (as in the doll) for Barbie magazine / pictures of Madonna by Bill Stone and Herman Kuklens - article on the photographers, interesting.

  • Oct 1985 FN Andy Warhol
    inside: Robert Capa

  • Nov 1985 FN Model

  • Dec 1985 VG- Cover has separated/detatched from the magazine. Laurie Shoemaker
    inside: Douglas Hopkins / Antonio Mendoza / W. Eugene Smith.

  • Jan 1986 FN underwear clad female model shaving male model
    inside: Swatch ads / Ernst Wirz / Lord Lichfield / Daniel Wolf / Penny Gentieu / Francine Plessix Gray/ Susan Feltzer (circus photos).

  • Feb 1986 FN model in silk gown sitting on top rail of chair
    inside: Jay Silverman's studio / the plight of the Andree expedition in Antarctica / Andre Kertesz / New Faces 1986 / Knut Bry.

  • March 1986 FN Peter B. Kaplan climbing antenna of Empire State Building
    inside: Max Kozloff.

  • April 1986 FN Robin Christopher with bull mastiff
    inside: Berenice Abbott / photo's of the Wright Brothers and flying, text by Isaac Asimov

  • May 1986 SOLD. Cindy Crawford (very early in her career)
    inside: Victor Skrebneski

  • June 1986 FN Margaret Bourke-White in North Africa 1942
    inside: Dean Chamberlain.

  • July 1986 FN "Our Swimsuit Issue....(sort of)" non-models on the cover
    inside: Brian Lanker / Neal Slavin / Roger Tory Peterson / Augustus Sherman - portraits of entry... at Ellis Island

  • Aug 1986 FN Ballet star Cynthia Harvey
    inside: Gretchen Dow Simpson / Gregory Heisler.

  • Sep 1986 FN Body builder Gladys Portugues
    inside: Mary Shanahan /ad for Interview magazines with Madonna 1pg/ Edward Weston.

  • Oct 1986 FN Kate Capshaw
    inside: Gary Heery with pics 1pg each: Marty Feldman, Roy Orbison, Julie Andrews, Madonna, Timothy Leary, Mark Breland/ Art Wolfe / Larry Clark / Hasselblad ad with Jane Seymour, very elegant 1pg/ Ed Roseberry

  • Nov 1986 FN Anna Juvander
    inside: Penn and Teller / Craig Stewart's studio / Ernst Haas/ Sandi Fellman's pics of tattooed people / Glenn Gould / Antonin Kratochvil

  • Dec 1986 FN Brigitte Bartdot - Philippe Halsman picture

  • Jan 1987 sold. picture of Geisha by Jodi Cobb
    inside: Henry Groskinsky/ Jacques and Dominique Silberstein - includes pics of Bettina Brown, Heather Locklear, Linda Evangelista, Renee Simonsen , Paulina Porizkova, Sarah Webb/ Olivia Parker

  • Feb 1987 FN
    inside: New Faces 1987 includes David LaChapelle/ Morris and Stanley Rosenfeld

  • March 1987 FN Veruschka - body paint, blending into the background. The cover pulls out to be a 2 panel cover.
    inside: Harry Lunn / Andreas Feininger / Great Pages of 1986.

  • April 1987 FN unidentified model
    inside: John Loengard / Patrick Nagatani / Nick Nichols

  • May 1987 FN Little Girl modeling
    inside: Will Hart's boxing photos

  • June 1987 FN waterskier - model Ron Scarpa
    inside: Ronald Reagan photos.

  • July 1987 FN George Hall - Fighter Aircraft photographer
    inside: Bunny Yeager / David Burnett / Vittorio Sella.

  • Aug 1987 FN Kim Basinger
    inside: Herb Ritts' Hollywood

  • Sep 1987 FN Suzanne
    inside: Jim Marshall - includes Mick Jagger, Janis Joplin, The Who / Joyce Tenneson / Budd Dwyer's suicide covered by Paul Vathis.

  • Oct 1987 FN James Stewart (scene from Rear Window)
    inside: Henry Horenstein / Herbie Scharfman .

  • Nov 1987 FN Ferrari GTO 1985 - Jeff Zwart pictures.
    inside: Robert del Tredici

  • Dec 1987 FN photo by Steve McCurry of his famous National Geographic cover of young Afghan girl
    inside: National Geographic photos / Cornell Capa.

  • Jan 1988 VG Jill Goodacre (co)
    inside: Robert Mapplethorpe.

  • Feb 1988 FN Lisa Bonet (co)
    inside: New Faces 88 - Photographers.

  • March 1988 FN Brigitte Nielsen in leather -- pic by Helmut Newton
    inside: Best Magazine Photos of the year.

  • April 1988 FN Christy Turlington in the water , busty, sunglasses
    inside: Gilles Bensimon - includes pictures of his then wife Elle Macpherson, wedding pic too!, also 1pg pic of Paulina Porizkova.

  • May 1988 FN Catherine Oxenberg -- Paparazzi
    inside: Sicilian Mafia / Morley Baer .

  • Jun 1988 FN Rachel Hunter
    inside: Albert Watson/10th Anniversary Issue

  • July 1988 FN Gov. Michael Dukakis
    inside: John Gossage/ Gerhard Vormwald

  • Aug 1988 FNml Roy Rogers

  • Sep 1988 FN Jane Birkin cira 1969 David Bailey

  • Oct 1988 FN Photojournalism

  • Nov 1988 FN models legs
    inside: Ncik Nichols / Jan Staller / Jimmy Kriegsmann .

  • Dec 1988 FNml Catherine Leroy

  • Jan 1989 VG Golf Club & Martini glass

  • Feb 1989 FN Model
    inside: Tomorrow's Top Photographers

  • Mar 1989 FNml Model- no credit
    inside: Magazine Photos of the Year

  • April 1989 FN Space Shots -- Roger Ressmeyer
    inside: 1pg on how the Absolut L.A. was photographed.

  • May 1989 FN Christy Turlington
    inside: Patrick Demarchelier includes Cindy Crawford 2pgs, Tatjana Patitz 1pg, / Che Guevara.

  • June 1989 FN Kim Basinger - Star Portraits
    inside: Greg Gorman's celeb portraits: Brigitte Nielsen (nude) 2pgs, Arnold Schwarzenegger 1pg, Grace Jones 1pg, Kim Basinger 1pg/ 2pg Fuji film ad featuring full page pic of Cindy Crawford (actually looking tired).

  • July 1989 FN. Linda Hammett
    inside: 1/3pg pic of Elle Macpherson/ Jenny Howorth/ Robert Downey Jr 1pg

  • Aug 1989 FN Landscape Photography
    inside: Herb Ritts pictures of Karen Alexander/ Absolut Vodka 2pgs winners of the photo contest.

  • Sep 1989 VGmlpo Marine-Master Gunnery Sgt Grafenstein.

  • Oct 1989 FN Cecelia Dean
    inside: Jean Howard's Hollywood-Stars

  • Nov 1989 FN Christy Turlington in feathers (co)
    inside: Absolut Levinthal (back cover, fine)/

  • Dec 1989 sold Style on Edge issue
    inside: Guy Bourdin

Dec 1989 was the last issue as American Photographer, with the Jan 1990 issue the magazine underwent a format change and became American PHOTO. I carry American PHOTO, as well as PHOTO France.

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